Training Need Analysis


The need to analyse the actual vs desired level of job performance is critical for organisations.


Today’s work environment is increasingly complex & is demanding a broader, more diverse range of skills & competencies than ever before.

In order for organisations to know what & who to invest in, an analysis of actual vs desired level of job performance is critical.

A successful Training Needs Analysis will identify those who need training, & what kind of training is needed. It is counter productive to offer training to those who don’t need it or offer the wrong kind of training. A Training Needs Analysis helps to put learning & development resources to good use.


There is an array of assessment methods possible. These may include:

  • direct observation
  • questionnaires
  • consultation with persons in key positions, and/or with specific knowledge
  • review of relevant literature
  • interviews
  • focus groups
  • assessments/surveys
  • records & report studies
  • work samples

Critical Success Factors

In order to both justify the assessment & ensure it provides relevant & useful insights & conclusions, it is critical that the organisational context supports Learning & Development as an important lever of performance. Some relevant questions may be:

  • What resources are available for training?
  • What are the mission and goals of the organization in regards to employee development?
  • What support will the senior management and managers give toward training?
  • Is the organization supportive and on-board with this process?
  • Are there adequate resources (financial and personnel)?

Checklist for Training Needs Analysis

It is helpful to have an organised method for choosing the right assessment for your needs. A checklist can help you in this process. Your checklist should summarize the kinds of information discussed above. For example:

  • Is the assessment valid for your intended purpose?
  • Is it reliable and fair?
  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Is the instrument likely to be viewed as fair and valid by the participants?
  • How easy or difficult is it to administer, score, and interpret given available resources?

Sample Checklist

Completing a checklist for each assessment you are considering will assist you in designing the best assessment tool & method. Your training needs analysis should include the following:

  • Know what the organization is trying to accomplish.
  • Know the history of training within the organization.
  • What “needs” will be addressed by the training?
  • Any recent process or procedure changes?
  • What resources are available for training?
  • Who needs to be trained?
  • Who can serve as subject matter experts?
  • Who will conduct the training (include both internal & external resources)
  • Which companies provide training materials?
  • What are the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities important to assess?
  • Review Job Descriptions and Org Charts.