Collaboration with Quorum

31 Dec Collaboration with Quorum

The Salesforce Change Management Program

In collaboration with Quorum, we now offer The Salesforce Change Management Program has been specifically designed for Salesforce clients and partners to service the Change Enablement lens as a three stage process:

  • STAGE 1: Change Management Organisational Readiness Assessment
  • STAGE 2: Change Management Strategic Initiatives Workshop and Planning
  • STAGE 3: Change Management Programming and Execution


Involves performing an assessment of the Salesforce client’s organisational readiness for change. Research will be conducted to get a an understanding of their current state and their context of the scope and change about to occur in their organisation as a first step.


The strategic initiatives workshop collects the leadership teams initiatives and organises them into a formal strategy for organisational change.


involves taking the strategic initiatives and translating them into formalised programs to be executed across the various layers of the business.

For further information about this program please contact us.